What is CMG Ltd?

  • CMG is owned by 262 shareholder members. Each owns one £50 share.
  • CMG comprises of 8 regional groups. Each has it's own marketing committee, whose Chairman is appointed to the CMG board.
  • CMG has an agreement with Openfield for the provision of management, marketing and administration services.

How CMG operates.

  • Under the Openfield 'umbrella', we have access to all major UK & world consumers.
  • CMG also sells directly to other regional and niche markets.
  • CMG maximises all outlets within a 50 mile radius of each group centre to minimise haulage costs & risk.
  • Marketeers provide information and prices. Local committees agree selling mandates, which are executed and reported back monthly.

Why is CMG different?

  • Our use of local marketing committees which have a major input to pool price fixing is unique.
  • CMG only markets grain on behalf of its members.
  • The local committees gather market information, decide upon selling mandates, and follow them through! Where possible, grain is traded into local homes only.
  • CMG is a transparent operation, committees are kept abreast of all sales (and haulage costs etc) as they are made so there are no surprises at the end of the pool period.

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